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Dale Queen is a local historian and a lifelong resident of Ashland, Kentucky. He is married to Tanya Queen and he enjoys playing drums, exercising, reading early American history, Biblical and communication studies. Queen has received undergraduate degrees in business, humanities and applied process technologies, and graduate degrees in communication studies and adult education.

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Historical Gems of the River Cities

Historical Gems of the River Cities

Historical Gems of the River Cities examines eleven different landmarks and professional football teams between Huntington, West Virginia and Portsmouth, Ohio. Also included is a brief history of each state and county.

  • The historical gems include:
  • Central Park of Ashland
  • The Arcade Building of Ashland
  • The Paramount of Ashland
  • Raceland Racetrack
  • Ironton Tanks semi-professional football team
  • Portsmouth Spartans professional football team
  • Millbrook Park of Portsmouth/New Boston
  • The Frederick of Huntington
  • The Keith-Albee Theatre
  • Camden Park
  • Dreamland swimming pool

The first book of the series, Clyffeside Park, examines a trolley park located in Ashland in the early 1900s. Mr. Queen has continued telling stories of places in our communities from the early to mid-1900s. Step back, if you will, and discover the fascinating historical places and people who have made these communities great.

Clyffeside Park: “Gem of Nature”

Historical Gems of the River Cities

Clyffeside Park: “Gem of Nature” — In the late 1800s on the outskirts of Ashland and Catlettsburg, Kentucky, nestled between Gartrell Hill and Clyffeside Hollow, sat an elegant 50-acre trolley park. Amidst the sights and sounds of the glistening pond and the roaring roller coaster, locals and visitors of all ages enjoyed frolicking at Clyffeside Park. For almost 20 years, Clyffeside Park was the place to be and be seen. Travel with me if you will, on a journey back in time as we take a glimpse of Clyffeside Park, “Gem of Nature.” …


Growing up in South Ashland off of Belmont Street, I, like many other kids in the neighborhood, would spend countless hours during the summer months playing in a creek behind Miller Street. As I grew older, I was curious as to where the small creek emptied. I noticed that just a few blocks from my house, the creek emptied into a larger creek, which I would later learn was called Clyffeside Branch. My great-grandfather, Charles (Wince) Stapleton, would tell me stories of the creek and how it used to have more water running through the ravine than it does now. He told me of a fascinating place that once existed at the end of the creek, a place called Clyffeside Park. …

—Dale Queen

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